Velvet cushion sand 80x30


Velvet cushion sand 80x30

 Velvet Cushion in Worn Sand Color with 100% Linen Back (80x30 cm)

What a rich look this long cushion model gives to the sofa, bed or stool/bench. The beautiful soft velvet quality and 100% linen backing give this cushion its beautiful look.

High Quality Materials:

This pillow is made with attention to quality and comfort. The front is made of luxurious velvet material, which not only feels soft but also has a subtle shine. The worn sand color gives the cushion a rustic look, perfect for a rural living style. The back is made of 100% linen, which is not only durable but also has a sober and natural appearance.

Sober Appearance:

This cushion exudes an understated elegance, perfect for lovers of the rural living style who love a quiet, sober environment. The worn sand color matches beautifully with natural wood tones and earthy colors, creating a harmonious and inviting interior. The combination of velvet and linen provides an interesting contrast and adds texture to your interior.

Versatility in Use:

This cushion is not only a decorative element, but also offers functionality and comfort. Place it on a sofa, armchair or bed for extra support and a touch of understated style. It is also perfect for creating a cozy reading corner or a relaxing spot in the home where you can enjoy a cup of tea and a good book.

Perfect Dimensions:

With a size of 80x30 cm, this cushion is the ideal size to make a statement on your furniture, without being overpowering. It fits effortlessly on a sofa or bed and provides plenty of space to lean against comfortably.

Add a touch of comfort to your rural living style with our beautiful Velvet Cushion in Worn Sand Color. With its high-quality materials, sober appearance and versatility in use, this cushion will certainly become a favorite in your interior.

Length: 80CM
Width: 30CM