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The star-shaped garden plug from Luca Lighting is a real atmosphere maker during the most beautiful, but also darkest days of the year. The garden plug with lighting is part of the Garden d'Light collection: a series of connectable Christmas lights up to a maximum of 1500 LED lights. Ideal to give your entire garden a makeover! This shooting star has 225 LED lights that emit a cozy, warm white light. The frame is made of black metal, so you only see the lights in the dark. You can stick the garden stake into the ground using the two pins, but these can also be removed so that you can hang it. You can also turn on a timer with the included adapter and choose your favorite setting from 8 different options. What options! The garden stake in the shape of a shooting star has dimensions of L45 x H101 cm. The connecting cable has a length of no less than 8 meters.