Amber cubes Opium 3pcs

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Amber Cubes Opium 3pcs

  • Amber cubes are made from amber resin and essential oils.
  • The favorite scent is Opium
  • The block smells for up to a year. When the smell subsides, you can scrape some off and it will be completely fresh again
  • ALWAYS place the amber cubes on a bowl, temple container or stone container. (available in the webshop)
  • The amber cubes are wonderful in the linen cupboard, in the toilet, in the car, etc. etc. The powder can also be used in a vacuum cleaner bag

  • PLEASE NOTE: The amber cubes cannot be returned, because scents are personal.

  • Length: 4.5CM
  • Width: 4.5CM
  • Thickness: 2.5CM