Hall table 2-drawer Mykonos | Island Collection


Hall table 2-la Mykonos | Island Collection

  • The Island Collection is a series of furniture made of naturally grayed teak wood, from Indonesia. The old wood and traces of the past contribute to the unique character of each piece of furniture.
  • This hall table has 2 drawers and is a real eye-catcher in the living room, hallway or bedroom
  • The hall table has a gray finish and is a unique item
  • The generous 70CM top provides sufficient space to present accessories


  • Dimensions:
  • Height: 90CM
  • Width: 70CM
  • Depth: 40CM

    Important Information:
  • Because the cabinet is unique, the color may differ slightly from this photo
  • The cabinet will not be shipped, but we can deliver the cabinet in consultation.
  • The cabinet can be picked up for free in the showroom
  • For delivery time please contact us via the contact form or via info@oudenstoerwonen.nl