Palm cup wreath old green


Palm cup wreath Old Green

Bring the rustic charm of nature into your interior with our beautiful Palm Cup Wreath in an elegant, sober old green shade. This versatile wreath adds a cool atmosphere to any room, whether it is a modern living room, a cozy kitchen or a relaxing bedroom.

Design: This handmade wreath is expertly crafted with carefully selected palm cups, which provide a unique texture and visual appeal. The deep, dark gray color of the palm cups gives the wreath a timeless look that fits effortlessly with different decoration styles.

Versatility: Whether you choose to hang the wreath on a door, a wall hook or place it as a centerpiece on a table, this versatile decoration adapts to any space. Give free rein to your creativity and experiment with different ways to present this beautiful wreath.

Decoration options: Whether you go for a minimalist look or a more exuberant decoration, the Palm Cup Wreath offers endless possibilities. add a lantern in the center of the wreath to burn a tea light

Dimensions: The Palm Cup Wreath has a diameter of 45 centimeters, making it a striking addition to any room without being too dominant. This perfect size makes it suitable for both small and large spaces.

Add a touch of natural elegance to your interior with our beautiful Palm Cup Wreath in an old green shade. Whether you choose a simple and understated style or a more daring decoration, this versatile wreath is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Diameter: 45CM