Set of vases + 2x Tulip bunch mix + Branch bunch

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Bring spring into your home and enjoy beautiful flowers without the hassle! Our Set of vases + 2x Tulip mix + Bunch of branches is now on sale, with a whopping 20% discount Don't miss this opportunity to brighten up your interior with colorful and maintenance-free flowers. Take advantage of this special offer now and bring a lasting smile into your home!

10 Benefits of Purchasing Artificial Tulips:
  1. Eternal Beauty: Enjoy vibrant flowers all year round that never wither or fade.

  2. Maintenance-free: No watering or pruning required, our artificial tulips require no special care.

  3. Allergy Free: Perfect for allergy sufferers as they do not spread pollen.

  4. Versatility: Suitable for any space, from living rooms to offices and restaurants.

  5. Durability: Made of high quality materials that will last long without fading.

  6. Flexible Design: The tulips are flexible, adjust the tulips to your taste and create a unique atmospheric corner.

  7. Affordability: Save in the long term by investing in flowers that will last for years.

  8. Perfect Gift: Spoil yourself or a loved one with lasting flowers that will last a lifetime.

  9. Create Atmosphere: Bring a touch of color and joy to any room and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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The set consists of: (see photo 1)

1x Set of tall black vases
2x Set of tulip bunch mix 7pcs 47CM
1x Bunch of branches

Set of tall black vases + 2x tulip mix + bunch of branches

  • This set consists of two elongated tall vases
  • The vases have a matte black finish and have a nice sober appearance
  • The vases have two different heights
  • Decorate the vases with branches from nature, dried flowers depending on the season
  • A glass can be placed in the vases for flowers (the vases are not waterproof)
  • The vases are perfect for the tulips

    High vase:
  • Height: 36CM
  • Diameter: 14CM

    small vase:
  • Height: 32CM
  • Diameter: 13CM