Shabby linen table runner


Shabby linen table runner

Bring a cool atmosphere to your dining table with our 100% Shabby Linen Table Runner in a sober natural shade. This beautiful accessory adds a timeless charm to any table setting and is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

High Quality Shabby Linen:

Our table runner is made of high-quality shabby linen, a natural fiber known for its durability and authentic appearance. The linen has a subtle texture and a slightly wrinkled effect, giving it a rustic yet refined look that fits perfectly with a rural living style.

Sober Natural Tint:

The table runner is made in a sober natural shade, which creates a modest and timeless atmosphere. This neutral color fits effortlessly with any table setting and provides a beautiful backdrop for all kinds of tableware, from modern to classic.

Versatile Sizing:

With its generous dimensions, our table runner provides enough space for most standard dining tables. Whether you have a rectangular, oval or round table, this table runner will drape elegantly over the table and add a touch of sophistication to your dining space.

Stylish Simplicity:

The simple, yet elegant appearance of the table runner fits perfectly with a minimalist or rural living style. The design is free of striking details, allowing the natural beauty of the linen to come into its own.

Practical and easy to maintain:

Linen is naturally strong and durable, making our table runner able to withstand everyday use. In addition, the linen is easy to maintain and even becomes softer and more beautiful the more often it is washed.

Add a touch of simple beauty and natural charm to your dining table with our 100% Shabby Linen Table Runner in a sober natural shade. Whether for an everyday dinner or for a festive gathering, this table runner will certainly add an elegant touch to your table setting.

Length: 145CM
Width: 45CM